Sharp vision for clear sights

The world is mirrored in our eyes. As around 80 percent of all our sensations are perceived through our eyes it is more pleasant to receive the signals from our environment without the aid of glasses or contact lenses.

This wish can quickly become reality: For more than two decades it has been possible to correct visual defects with a laser. During this treatment the laser beams reshape the cornea’s surface within a few seconds so that a sharp image occurs on the retina. Though the cornea is only changed by fractions of a millimetre, these subtle changes can very nicely compensate for visual defects. If you also want to see clearly, we gladly explain to you how it works and how we can help you.

Please keep in mind that necessary decisions concerning treatment should only be made under professional medical supervision, attendance and recommendation. Consider here also our imprint. 


The SCHWIND AMARIS product family comes with all accomplishments of modern laser surgery. With these laser systems , groundbreaking innovations – i.e. two different energy levels for optimal control of the ablation, as well as unique eye tracking and online pachymetry – became reality.