So that your doctor can totally concentrate on your eyes


The SCHWIND AMARIS lasers offer the surgeon much assistance. Due to the high user comfort he can devote his full attention to your eyes during the entire surgery – supported by technology. The small display shows the most important status information in the surgeon’s line of vision.

The surgeon has the laser indications and the program sequence as exactly in sight as your eyes. With a single push of a button he can call up his preferred working conditions and presettings. Touch screen monitors offer even more comfort.

You also benefit from other advantages of the SCHWIND AMARIS lasers: For example, a diagnostic slit lamp is located directly on the device. In this way, your doctor can immediately evaluate the ablation after the surgery without changing the examination room. Thanks to their swiveling beds, the SCHWIND AMARIS laser systems can be combined with a femtosecond laser, without having to get up. And the moveable laser arm makes it easier for you to lie down on the bed and to stand up again.1

1Available with SCHWIND AMARIS 1050RS and SCHWIND AMARIS 750S