Because perfection begins in the details


Whoever allows a laser treatment to be performed on their eyes wants to achieve the optimal result. The more technically developed the method, the safer it can be assured.

The SCHWIND AMARIS laser systems offer you the leading technology for your treatment providing excellence in all important aspects such as speed, precision, safety and comfort. 

The SCHWIND AMARIS laser systems provide all features of modern laser technology. And they offer even more,  because in the SCHWIND AMARIS laser systems groundbreaking innovations have been materialized - such as the ablation with two energy levels or the unique eye tracking system. So far, these features have not been available in any other device. 

For this reason, the German developed and produced SCHWIND AMARIS laser systems are deemed, also by independent experts, to be the highest standard among eye lasers for refractive surgery. Above all, patients profit from their strong features since treatment with the SCHWIND AMARIS laser systems is not only significantly faster, more precise and safer than ever before – it is also considerably more pleasant. 



Up to 1050 Hz repetition rate1
  • All laser pulses reach the corneal surface at the designated points
Ablation with two
different energy levels
  • Highly precise, gentle ablation of corneal tissue
  • Maximum precision – minimum treatment time
0,54 mm laser spot with 
uniquely gentle spot profile
  • Very smooth treatment surfaces
  • Immediate clear sight
Thermally optimized 
distribution of laser pulses
  • Treats carefully corneal tissue - even at higher speed
  • The eye quickly recuperates
1050 Hz turbo eye tracking
  • Checks eye position 1050 times per second
  • Perfect positioning of the laser beam
Eye tracking in 
up to seven dimensions1
  • Compensates the slightest movements in up to seven dimensions
  • Perfect positioning of the laser beam
Online pachymetry
  • Captures and registers changes in corneal thickness in online-time
  • Safety system: Monitors the compliance of treatment planning with actual treatment
Aspheric ablation profiles
  • Provide the cornea with its optimal curvature
  • Consider biomechanical properties of the eye
  • Prevent induction of aberrations
Swiveling laser arm2 and patient bed
  • Comfortable entry and exit for the patient